Best Sniper Competition

2019 Edition – 2nd edition

Asso Sion created the Best Sniper compeition ! Are you capable to survive in hostile territory and accomplish your mission ?

You will be able to measure yourself against other long distance shooting specialists and campaigners!

The Best Sniper competition is a 2-day military competition on the Hongrin military field. It is based on the 4th generation sniping. It requires a very good physical condition, excellent health and good knowledge of infantry.

The sniper differs from the marksman mainly in their respective doctrine. Snipers are highly valuable because of their specialization (tactical knowledge, survival, transmission, special equipement, long-range shooting, etc.), for missions of several hours up to several days in completely isolated environments, while marksmen belongs to an infantry squad. They do not usually use the same caliber nor the same type of weapon.

The Best Sniper competition will compete patrols of two men. Patrols will have to make various raids to distinguish themselves in the following domains:
– Camouflage and approach with ghillie, backpack and all the necessary mission
– Recognition and observation (with OPFOR)
– Middle range shooting (TIFLU) on goals between 500 and 700m (4th generation snipping)
– Pistol self defense

This year 2019 will be the second public edition where competitors come from Europe and beyond.

Foreigners must take part of the preliminary modules (pistol training, distance shooting, and more.) on Thursday 5th of September.

Competition lead by a career NCO and is Sniper certified from Isone (Switzerland).

Informations pratiques

Dates : Friday 6th September to Sunday 8th September.
Thursday 5th September : Foreign patrol instructions
Starting hour0530
End of the compétition : Sunday 0800 barracks La Lécherette.
LocationArsenal d’Aigle, station BEBECO
Foreign patrols : Specific Informations (link french only)

Best Sniper 2017

Reminder : The sniper Ghilie is mandatory ! You must bring yours.

You must register as a patrol of two. No single registration will be accepted.

You must be part of the Swiss military or you accomplished all your military service.

I am a foreigner, can I still participate?

(link) Please read the following instructions for foreigners

Yes, if you were part of a foreign armed force and have skills and / or experience of recon missions. You must contact your embassy in Switzerland, usually Bern and make a request to the Military Protocol. The embassy will provide you the needed procedure.

Mandatory equipement

  • ID papers & military record booklet (Dienstbüchlein)
  • FASS 90 / SGTW 90
  • TAZ 90
  • Sniper Ghillie
  • Military shoes
  • Backpack
  • Food for 48h
  • Equipement for living
  • Bivouac equipement
  • Ear protection
  • Face paint
  • Writting material
  • Regular personal equipment

Optional material:

Any material that can help or facilitate your mission in the field. The directors of exercise can without having to justify prohibiting any material which could distort the competition or endanger the participants or third persons. More details will be given at the briefing.

Please use the below form and pay the subscription fee of 100 per person (200 CHF per patrol). Foreigners pay a fee of 130 CHF per person (260 CHF per foreign patrol).

I would like to ask questions before registering myself, who may I contact ?

Please use the following phone number :+41 seven six 822 14 53

For general inquiry, you can also use the website contact formular.


Best Sniper video (2018)

Register form

Pist75 instructed ? Personal service book or ASSO.

If you are not instructed to the Pist75, we will contact you.

Full name


Patrol name

You must a patrol of two and have a patrol name.

Incorporation / Mil speciality

Phone number



T-shirt Size

Registration fees are 100 CHF per person (200 CHF per patrol).

Foreign patrols fees are 130 CHF per person (260 CHF per foreign patrol)

You must pay the subscription fee before the day of the competition.

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