Best Sniper Competition

2020 edition – Third edition

Asso Sion creates the Best Sniper competition! Are you able to survive in hostile territory and carry out your mission there?


The Best Sniper competition is a 2-day military competition at the Hongrin mountains. It is based on 4th generation sniping in winter conditions. She requires very good physical condition, excellent health and good infantry skills. The Swiss soldiers are insured by military insurance, foreign soldiers must have private insurance covering them for this kind of activities.

Your patrol

Participants will work as patrol of two (2 men). They register as such on the competition website. Participants must have successfully completed their basic training. There is no age limit. The competition is open to all ranks and functions.

Useful informations

Swiss military : Friday 6th of March
Foreign military : Thursday 5th of March
Fin de la compétition : Sunday 8th of March at 12:00 in Aigle

Rendez-vous : Caserne La Lécherette (VD), at 0500 Friday 6th of March
Foreign military will recieve specific informations.


  • Swiss participants must be instructed and own a Fass90 rifle
  • The staff will lend Fass90 rifles to foreign competitiors.
  • Competitors must be instructed on the Pist75.
  • If swiss competitors are not instructed on the Pist75, they can attend our Pist75 class on the 15th of February, see our activities.
  • You must have a white outfit (snipers camouflage) and white camouflage for the sniper assault rifle.

It is forbidden to enter service with your pistol!
The pistols will be made available at the range.

It is prohibited to enter service with ammunition.


Mandatory Equipment :

  • Fass 90 with magazine and winter camouflage
  • Taz 90 uniform
  • Winter camouflage (white outfit)
  • Shoes suitable for the competition
  • Backpack with large carrying capacity
  • Snowshoes and ski poles suitable for snowshoeing
  • Subsidence for 48 hours including at least 2 hot meals
  • Clothes particularly suitable for winter weather
  • Sleeping bag very cold (-25 ° C)
  • Insulating mattress for bivouac
  • Snow shovel (foldable)
  • Sunglasses
  • Solar cream
  • Hat and 2 pairs of gloves (1 pair suitable for shooting and 1 pair of mittens)
  • Emergency stove (jetboil type recommended)
  • ID card and performance booklet
  • Pamirs (hearing protectors)
  • Material for writing, standard pocket equipement
  • Medical kit and survival blanket
  • 1 mobile phone switched on only during the tactical phase (full batteries)
  • Spare underwear in a plastic bag

If a patrol does not have the requested equipment, it will be disqualified

Optional equipement :

Any material that can help or facilitate your mission in the field. We recommend taking a good pair of binoculars with you. The direction of exercise may without having to justify prohibiting any material which could distort the competition or endanger the participants or third parties. More details will be given at the briefing. The competition takes place in a low avalanche risk area but an avalanche victim detector (ARVA) is recommended.

Equipement to take for Saturday evening (barracks night)

  • Spare uniform (clean)
  • Shower business
  • Sport / casual outfit
  • Clean sleeping bag
  • Cash (Swiss francs) for possible souvenir or tactical equipment purchases


The security rules of the Swiss army are applied automatically during the competition. Management can add specific prescriptions during the briefing. In addition, the usual rules of common sense and behavior apply to everyone! It is forbidden to make a fire or to get too close to a fireplace in white clothes. It is also strictly forbidden to cross watercourses the height of which exceeds the knees.

When shooting participants must pay particular attention to hearing protection and immediately notify the station manager in case of loss of protection. The direction of exercise recommends to wear pamirs during the various shots. Damage caused by less effective protections such as ear plugs is the responsibility of the participant.

A violation of one of the safety rules may result in the elimination of the patrol, or even the complete cessation of the competition.

Winter conditions can be dangerous. The patrol has the obligation to report any problem related to the cold to the exercise direction, particularly during the tactical phase. She must communicate the location of her bivouac by SMS to the exercise director (number given at the briefing).

Foreign military

Foreign soldiers must have a military protocol authorization in order to participate in the competition. Foreign soldiers must participate in a half-day training session on Swiss weapons on Thursday 05.03.2019. If they have already been trained in Swiss weapons, they must still, as a reminder, participate in the half-day of instruction.

Competition planning

  1. Car park.
  2. Entry into service at the Hongrin barracks.
  3. Preparation of patrols.
  4. Briefing.
  5. Opening ceremony.
  6. Technical phase in the form of an imposed route.
  7. Tactical phase.
  8. Final phase (gathering of patrols, recovery, rankings, debriefing and closing ceremony).

Technical raids

The technical raids are managed by a manager with the necessary skills and instructions so that the competitors can participate safely. The old weapons range is managed by the ASEA (Swiss association for the study of weapons and armor). The position is supervised by specialists who have the necessary knowledge to operate the position safely.

Fees and registration

  • The registration fee amounts to CHF 150.- per participant (300 chf per patrol). It includes the various costs related to the competition, the souvenir medal, the Saturday evening meal as well as the accommodation and the Thursday evening meal.
  • Registrations are made only through our website, no other alternatives are possible.
  • No refund will be made in the event of cancellation. No replacement is possible.
  • Only 20 patrols will be retained as the first 20 payments will prevail.


Sponsors 2020

Registration form

Please read the rules for the Best Sniper 2020 Winter edtition.

Inscription/Registration Best Sniper 2020: 300 CHF